Jakub Jezierski (Pionty)


Untitled, 2014, fabric, 200 × 110 cm
Woven by Małgorzata Pepłowska

On closer inspection, this woollen-weave village carpet turns out to depict an urban apocalypse in Warsaw’s Miasteczko Wilanów estate. In the centre of the composition, we see the controversial Temple of Divine Providence attacked by a mutant monster and Godzilla (or the Wawel Dragon and a Basilisk, perhaps). A gigantic snowman is demolishing a bank, cars are on fire, and the streets are filled with masked raiders fighting the police, as cobblestones torn from the pavement fly overhead. This disturbing vision of modern-day Poland has been transplanted onto fabric using traditional methods.

Jakub Jezierski “Pionty” (b. 1976, Warsaw) – architect, graphic designer. In 2006 graduated from the Department of Architecture at the University of Technology in Warsaw, specializing in press design, typography and illustration.