Hubert Czerepok


Hajm, 2016, 7’39”

The film was made as part of the “All nightmares to the basement” project at the Centre for Contemporary Art Kronika in Bytom. The project was the culmination of discussion meetings and workshops with children conducted by visual artists at Kronika. In the film of Hubert Czerepok, the main characters are children.

Using frugal means of expression, without words, the young artists stage scenes that are associated with traumatic events that can happen to a child. The title “hajm” in Silesian means orphanage, and it is to this rejection, bereavement and patterns related to the world of adults that most of the scenes in the film refer to.

Hubert Czerepok (b. 1973, Słubice) – visual artist. Author of films, photographs, drawings and objects. Graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań. Lecturer at he University of Arts in Poznań (until 2014) and the Academy of Art in Szczecin (from 2014).