Anna Baumgart

Wielokropek main picture 1

Suspension Points, 2010, installation

Coauthor: Agnieszka Kurant

Suspension Points is an installation composed of five reflective balloons (made of Mylar film), hanging over Chłodna Street in Warsaw, where a bridge used to connect the so-called small and large ghettos during the Second World War. The balloons are arranged like a monumental punctuation mark. Suspension points imply omission or interrupted thought, indicating that something is missing. In deploying this mark, the artists aimed to highlight the tragic history of the site, shattering taboos surrounding the Holocaust, and inciting Varsovians to reflect on remembrance and history. Breaking the silence by emphasising the silence, using form and mirrored surfaces which, by reflecting their surroundings, also focus the viewer’s attention onto the place itself.

Anna Baumgart (b. 1966, Wroclaw) – visual artist. Creates video, sculptures, installations, photographs, performances. Baumgart studied at the Faculty of Sculpture of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, diploma obtained in 1994. Since 2005 associated with the Warsaw gallery lokal_30. Lives and works in Warsaw.